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Our Mission

To develop and create a dynamic and exciting business based on sound and prudent business principles in synergy with striving to become part of one team, with the client, to achieve the best possible objectives, professional for which the project is intended, timeously and economically in a spirit of co-operation.

  • Promotes skills that are shared with those who need it.
  • Instils confidence and effectiveness in the trainer.
  • Empowers with research and how to apply the research in classroom situation.
  • Assists trainers by ensuring that they have the correct information with which to teach.

Business Objectives

NQOBA LEARNING PRGRAMME cc’s objectives are:


  • Nqoba uses the life experience of team members to teach while following the correct CAPS document and Curriculum.
  • Nqoba assists with skills on resource development in the classroom so that both teacher and learner can own their knowledge.
  • Nqoba assists teachers and trainers to design assessments using dynamic methods for learners and educators in all spheres.
  • Nqoba shows educators how use technology to get the learner to become the teacher for a lesson or two.
  • Nqoba assists the educators to set objectives, subject content ensuring that the process of learning is an enjoyable experience.
  • Nqoba provides plans for daily activities that not only involve teacher and learner, but parents, helpers and the entire family too. This will be done using various topic researches during lessons which can then be completed at home.


Nqoba is an educational programme which was developed to assist teachers of all African languages to improve their efficiency and productivity, and to become more effective and successful. 

The programme is based on years of experience in and outside of the classroom and the methodology can be used to teach any of the African languages in South Africa.  

The programme is for anyone of any age, colour or creed who wants to learn an African language. It currently has two (2) fully developed African Languages; isiZulu, isiXhosa and adding Sesotho in 2021. 



I am sharing this note to let you know that your books (Nqoba Books) are
great and easy to use. They are valuable and fruitful to the
lower grades up to high school pupils. Teacher’s guide is the best to be
used by the teachers to do their perfect work. CD’s help pupils to listen
and speak the language fluently. I will continue using your material
with pride. Nqoba Learning Programme keep up the good work! Well done!
Thank you.

– Siphiwe Sithebe (Ms).
(St Katharine’s School)


I used to struggle finding material to help my daughter with homework and extending her language understanding. I heard about a gentleman that goes around the schools marketing the Nqoba Programme. I was blown away by his knowledge of the product and the way he explained how to it. My daughter took isiZulu to matric and achieved 86%. I am grateful to extra lessons that she took with Nqoba and the books with the CDs that made it easy for her to use as reference when studying.

Thank you Nqoba and all the best for the future.

– Mrs Nashia Goolab


I have started isiZulu from Grade 1 and will be in Grade 6 next year. My family is on Sabbatical leave next year for two of my school terms and I am traveling with them. I am confident that when I come back in third term, I will be able to catch up easily because I am taking all my books to help when I revise. I kept all and I am excited that I will teach myself because the books are easy to understand.

– Nina Jacobs

APPS pupil


Nqoba Learning Programme has some of the best workbooks, because it is done by teachers for teachers.

– Mr Thami Nkabinde

St David’s Marist Inanda


I started using Nqoba books in 2014 and I’m still using them. I found these books well written and I enjoyed each theme and level. I have no doubt that your customers will continue to grow once people discover how amazing your books are!

Thank you Nqoba and all the best for the future.

– Nkosazana Nkonde

Assumption Convent School


INingizimu Afrika inezilimi eziyishumi nanye. Bengifuna ukusingatha lezi zilimi. Yingakho ngifunde isiZulu nesiBhunu. Abantu abaningi eNingizimu Afrika bakhuluma isiZulu, futhi uthisha wethu waqiniseka ukwenza izifundo zethu zibemnandi Ngokusebenzisa I incwadi zeNqoba. Sifunde isiZulu kalula futhi ngokushesha ngenxa kathisha wethu nezincwadi zeNqoba, futhi isiZulu sasijabulisa esikokeni. Yingakho ngithathe isiZulu esikoleni samabanga aphakeme, futhi ngiphumele ngamalengiso.

South Africa has eleven official languages and I wanted to embrace these languages. This is why I learned both isiZulu and Afrikaans. IsiZulu is such a widely spoken language and our teacher made sure to make our isiZulu lessons enjoyable using Nqoba books. We were able to learn isiZulu quickly and easily because of the programme and isiZulu was fun at school. This is why I took isiZulu in high school and finished with a distinction.

Thank you

– Alisha

(Roedean School)